Saturday, January 23, 2010

The Hangar Cafe has been far too long since I've posted anything. I have been meticulously collecting photos and mental notes from breakfast places I've visited over the past few months. So I shall commence the publication of my top breakfast places...

To begin with, I think I should write about is the Hangar Cafe. It is one of the first breakfast place that I found since moving back to Seattle from Santa Cruz that made my breakfast-loving heart feel right at home. It is located in a cute red house in the Georgetown neighborhood right next to the King County airport. Their main specialty are crepes, sweet and savory...and man are they ever delicious.

The Hangar Crepe is a good first savory crepe to try. I also just recently tried the Pear Crepe and was not disappointed. They also have special crepes of the day which are extremely hard to resist. Other breakfast items include a variety of waffles (I recommend the Triple B...bacon, basil, brie, sounds like an odd combination..but it totally works) They also serve lunch items like sandwiches and soups. I usually stick to the breakfast choices but have heard good things about their lunch menu. Beverage options include the dangerously delicious Stumptown coffee, a variety of tantilizing teas, and magnificent mimosas.

The Hangar Cafe has become a regular breakfast spot for my dad and I to visit. We took my brother there when he was visiting from Modesto. It was a beautiful summer day so we sat outside.

I've also taken lots of friends there to sample the fabulousness that is the Hangar. The staff is always super friendly...

and of course the bathrooms are cool too.

They even have Mad Libs to play while you are waiting for your food!

I am so glad to have discovered the Hangar Cafe. It was actually thanks to an IPhone app called Urbanspoon that originally pointed us to the Hangar. I shall continue to go there and enjoy the wonderful food and relaxing atmosphere and hopefully you will go there and try it soon too!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009


The Crema Cafe - Seal Beach, CA
Sambo's - Santa Barbara, CA
Honeymoons Cafe - Pismo Beach, CA
Both Ways Cafe - Seattle, WA
Original Pancake House - Anaheim, CA
Linda's Seabreeze Cafe - Santa Cruz, CA
Marston's - Pasadena, CA
The Pantry - Los Angeles, CA
The Hangar Cafe - Seattle, WA

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

zluv's breakfast checklist

to be considered a fabulous breakfast eatery the establishment MUST have the following:

good food
creative menu
an inviting atmosphere
a notable bathroom
delicious coffee
friendly staff

the next few things are bonuses but not essential to be named a fabulous breakfast eatery:

good location
have breakfast appetizers such as mini muffins
have an outdoor seating option
have specials that blow your mind
have interesting reading materials while you wait
unique pieces of flair like eclectic salt shakers and cool coffee cups